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Dear Fellow Coaches and Trainers,

Are you sick and tired of seeing sub-par training programs out there or even trainers sharing their ‘youth’ training programs that elite athletes couldn’t even handle?

What’s worse is not knowing who to trust and what actually constitutes a youth training program.

If you’re like most trainers and coaches, you want to see how others are taking what they’ve learned and applying it with the athletes they serve. You’re likely sick of the ‘internet experts’ who’ve never actually coached anyone, but are quick to share their programs and opinions online.

I know I hate all the mediocre programs out there that are not only terrible, but also are likely to get athletes hurt.

So here’s what I did…

To help filter through the vast array of information available online and give you access only to what is really working, I decided to use my personal contacts here at the IYCA to contact THE top youth coaches and trainers and issue them a challenge…

To come up with their best training programs, in their own specialties, geared 100% to youth fitness and performance… And these programs have to be something that they are using now to get huge results with their very own athletes.

These coaches are qualified as IYCA Members who are using IYCA Principles in their programming with athletes every day, so I already knew their information was the best in the field. Now they are going to share what they’re doing to get the people they serve results.

Here’s what we came up with, introducing…


The IYCA’s Big Book Of Programs

This collection became The IYCA’s Big Book of Programs, a compendium of time-tested, results-producing youth fitness & sports performance training programs from some of the IYCA’s top professionals.

Some of these programs are sport specific. Some are general athlete development.  Some are used to develop youth fitness. All have produced results for the athletes these trainers and coaches serve.

What You’ll Get In The IYCA’s Big Book Of Programs…

The Programs…

    Primitive Patterns During Growth Spurts

    Growth spurts are critical times for youth athletes. This program shows how to "reinstall the movement operating system we learned as babies" during this crucial time to make sure our youth athletes maintain basic movement competency.

    Steve Long

    Steve Long, NSCA, FMS, USAW, IYCA, TPI, RKC, KBA

    Steve has made quite a name for himself in the fitness industry, achieving many awards and acknowledgements for his accomplishments. He has trained a variety of clients ranging from ages 6 to 80 in over 8 years in the health and fitness industry. He assists clients in many aspects of health, fitness, weight loss, performance training, nutrition, and more. Steve is known for his practical approach to training and blending the many benefits of corrective exercise into highly metabolic conditioning and fat loss programs. Among other things, Steve specializes in functional fat loss, sports performance, golf fitness, injury prevention/post rehabilitation, kettlebell training, and lifestyle coaching. Steve has been mentored by, and continues to learn from the best professionals in the industry, bringing the most cutting edge programs to his clients.

    Maximal Vertical Power
    Chris Collett

    Chris Collett

    This program was designed for athletes who want to quickly, properly, and safely increase their vertical, by enhancing the proper movement patterns necessary for maximal explosiveness, strengthening the typical weak areas of hs athletes(ankle stabilization/dorsiflexion, back stabilization and strength, and hip extension/abduction strength as well as hamstring flexibility/strength), and developing power.

    Chris Collett fell in love with training when introduced to it by his father at a young age. He began his training career over 6 years ago as an independent contractor at a small facility called Impulse Personal and Sports Training. Chris began with a basic CPT certification to get started and has continued his education ever since, holding multiple specialized certifications including an APT, and a CSCS.

    Chris believes experience to be the best teacher; however, he selected the IYCA as 1 of his primary sources of continuing education, and has pursued both a Youth Fitness Specialist Certification and a High School Strength and Conditioning Certification through them. He has been training athletes for over 6 years with great success. With virtually no marketing he has built a successful business primarily off of “word of mouth” references. His training is results oriented, but focused on long term effectiveness, and the overall health and development of his athletes. Chris hopes one day to complete a masters in sports psychology and continue to help athletes achieve their optimal levels of performance for years to come!

    3D High School Power Program

    Stian Weideman

    Stian Weideman

    A 4-6 Week Power program that was designed for Male High School Athletes. This is a 3-day program that includes a contrast method on day one, full body strength on day two and a 3 dimensional approach on the last day.

    Stian is a Sports Performance coach and specializes in the field of Youth Conditioning. His athletes are injury free and achieve phenomenal results in their chosen sport. Stian constantly studies different training methods to improve the effectiveness of his programs. Stian has delivered Speed & Agility and other Sports Performance related clinics and is also an ongoing consultant at local high schools for rugby, hockey and netball. Athletes that have worked with Stian have gone on to achieve national colours in netball and provincial colours in rugby and hockey.

    Stian is the owner of Sportcon Fitness & Performance Centre in Krugersdorp, South Africa.

    Prior to being a business owner or sports performance coach Stian competed in Taekwon-do on a national and international level earning his black belt and also winning a European Championship in two different events.

    Corrective Strengthening- Improving the Imbalances

    Bob Budai

    Bob Budai

    Today’s youth do not have the well rounded sports or general fitness background that they used to. "Specialized" sports programs contribute to the overall overuse issues that create injury potential amongst young athletes. Corrective strengthening is required to keep the body balanced to improve athletic performance and minimize the risk of injury.

    Bob is a physical therapist/clinic director in Waterford, MI; as well as head trainer and owner of Functional Strength Training in Wixom, MI ( Bob has been involved in the fitness industry for almost 20 years, and has attained certifications from:NASM, NSCA, RKC, USAW, IYCA, Tacfit, CST, Jumpstretch, and others. Bob has instructed and consulted for various groups and agencies, written for local magazines, and currently works with people of all ages (children to elderly) and fitness levels (injured to professional athlete).

    A World of Hurt

    Mike Mejia

    Mike Mejia

    A program that focuses on increasing range of motion in chronically tight areas, boosting stability in others, and helps young athletes avoid succumbing to many of the common overuse injuries that are often associated with youth sports.

    This counter-intuitive approach will help young athletes shift their mindset from all of the bench pressing, tire flipping and sled pulls, to building a more sound functional base off of which they can progress over time.

    Mike Mejia CSCS, YFS, is the President of B.A.S.E. Sports Conditioning Inc. A company that provides on site training and educational resources for young athletes, coaches and parents. The author of several successful fitness books, he is currently a regular contributor to such publications and websites as Men’s Health, USA Swimming, Inside Lacrosse, Mom’s Team, STACK and the national STOP Sports Injuries campaign. Mike is also the writer, producer and host of the DVD BASE Training: Injury Prevention for Young Athletes. 

    Flipping the Switch to Beastmode

    Matt Shannon

    Matt Shannon

    This program is designed as a total body strength and conditioning routine.

    This program can be used in conjunction with Olympic lifting, standard power lifting movements or as a standalone program.

    It is designed to be used three to four days per week and requires no equipment. It involves twenty bodyweight exercises that are separated into four categories:

    • Lower body
    • Upper body
    • Midline stability
    • Total body conditioning

    This is a great strength and conditioning program for youth athletes of all ages and sports. It can be scaled down to fit the needs of the complete beginner and dialed up to fit the demands of the most seasoned athlete."

    Matt Shannon is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He is a certified High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Speed & Agility Specialist with the IYCA. He is also an Underground Strength Coach, a Wing Chun, Thai Boxing and MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach. He’s an avid outdoorsman and a student of economics, evolutionary biology, the American Revolution and the Antebellum Period. And for more than 25 years Matt has studied and practiced martial artist in China, Taiwan and Thailand….

    Metabolic Conditioning for Strength and Power


    Phil Hueston

    A straightforward way to incorporate strength & power development into a program of metabolic conditioning appropriate for sports fitness training and preparation.

    Eliminates multiple sessions for different aspects of preparation (strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, balance, etc.)

    Dramatically better (and measurable) results…less time!

    Phil Hueston is the co-owner of All-Star Sports Academy and Co-Head Coach at Athletic Revolution – Toms River, NJ. He has been, and continues to be, a sought after Sports Performance Trainer and Consultant to teams and athletes at the Youth Sports, high school, collegiate and professional levels.

    Since his entrance into the fitness industry in 1998, he has questioned the status quo, challenged the conventional wisdom of the fitness industry and used the answers to make his clients better, bigger, faster and stronger.

    Not just another pretty trainer, Phil has been called a “master motivator and trainer of high school athletes” and a “key player in the Youth Fitness industry.”

    He works with athletes, “mathletes” and “non-letes” from 6 to 18, helping them all reach their performance potential and maximize their “fun quotient.”

    Phil recognized early on that the ONLY task of Sports Fitness Professionals is the improvement of their clients’ sports performance and their enjoyment of the process! He has worked with 1000’s of athletes, assisting them on their journeys to collegiate sports, Division 1 scholarships, pro and semi-pro sports careers and even the first round of the NHL Draft.

    Recently, Phil co-authored a book, “The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance,” which reached #1 Best-Seller status in 2 separate literary categories.

    Knees 4 Speed

    Tommi Paavola

    Tommi Paavola

    Practical and effective conditioning/injury prevention exercises for young female athletes to be incorporated into the overall training regimen. Some exercises are more flexibility and movement prep related whereas others have more to do with strength and landing mechanics.

    1. 4-way total body stretch
    2. Core activation on ground
    3. Hip activation with the mini-band
    4. 1-leg multiplanar progression
    5. Jumping & Landing mechanics (bilateral/unilateral)
    6. Strength moves
    7. Coordination locomotion

    Tommi Paavola is the Founder of the company Discover Movement, focused on youth athletic development and conditioning. Tommi has created a Movement Skill Program for Youth that is instructed by over 2000 youth coaches in Europe. He currently runs fitness and performance training for Immaculate Heart Academy, an all-female high school in New Jersey. He has earned a Master’s Degree in Physical Education from University of Jyvaskyla Finland and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist CSCS, Youth Conditioning Specialist and High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Contact Tommi at

    Offseason Training for High School Baseball Players

    Miles Noland

    Miles Noland

    Specifically developed for youth baseball players.  Strengthens key areas that directly relate to throwing.  Increases resistance to injury and promote increased velocity.  Youth baseball players are getting hurt at much younger ages now as a result of early sport specificity and year-round baseball.  This program safely prepares the youth baseball player to withstand the rigors of throwing and promote arm health.

    Miles Noland, MS, CSCS, PN, YFS recently opened his youth sports performance business, titled AthleteFit, in July 2012, after retiring from coaching baseball college.  His business is made up primarily baseball players.  He played four years of college baseball and has coached at the University of Kentucky, Wabash Valley College, Transylvania University, George Rogers Clark H.S.  He has coached 30+ baseball players who have been drafted or signed professional contracts.  He is a Precision Nutrition certified coach, and specializes in helping youth athletes put on muscle.

    Athletic Development Program for Tennis Players Under 14

    Richie Whall

    Richie Whall

    This program was designed for a group of 10 to 12 junior tennis players aged between 11 and 14 years old with minimal experience with strength and conditioning.  It is designed to develop movement quality as a foundation for long-term development, foster a good attitude towards training, and create an awareness of the training process for their understanding and empowerment.

    As the inventor and technical director of Hex Training System Ltd, Richie Whall, has a strong academic background and vast experience working in schools, sports, health & fitness. For example:

    • BSc (hons) Sports Science with Maths, First Class, University College
    • Chester
    • MSc Exercise & Nutrition Science, University College Chester
    • 10 years’ experience working with young athletes and professional clubs and
    • academies across a range of sports including football, cricket, rugby, netball
    • and tennis.
    • Lead Coach for a national health & racquets club
    • Project Leader for a national multi-skills development agency working across
    • all levels of education, from Early Years through to Primary, Secondary and
    • SEN schools
    • Contributing Advisor to the International Youth Conditioning Association.

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    Lifting Program 14+

    Mark Knapp

    Mark Knapp

    The program is originally designed as part of a GPP program for higher-level athletes, but serves as an excellent program for younger athletes 14+ learning Olympic lifting movements.

    Mark is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and has trained a number of high school, college and pro athletes over the past 17 years. Currently, he is head strength and conditioning coach as well as asst. Hockey and Track coach at The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville. CT.

    Mark has been a coach and general manager of professional hockey teams in Sweden and has coached at many levels in the US for over 25 years. He holds a Level 5 Master Coaching license from USA Hockey and has been a speaker on the topic of player development at several Level 4 Coaches Conferences.

    Fit Kidz School Bootcamp

    Nicole Tegeler

    Nicole Tegeler

    Summer/In-School Bootcamp for after school program.  This is a program offered weekly to the daycare program at our local grade school.  We trained & did nutrition education to 110 kids every week for the whole summer and during the school year.  This program designed is based on the IYCA Fit Kids principles, but offers an insight as to how our company broke into the school setting, which can be very territorial at times.  We also wrapped up the summer with a Family Fit Nite for the parents and & kids to make sure the Exercise & Nutrition message went home!

    Nicole is the owner and Head Coach of Xcel-Fitness & Sport Performance, in Crestwood, KY.  Over the past 20 year, her programs of Fitness, Sports Performance, Weight Loss, and Post-Rehabilitation have helped countless kids, moms, and athletes achieve their highest level of performance and fitness goals.

    Nicole is a former collegiate basketball player & national swimmer.  She went to St. Ambrose University to pursue basketball and Iowa State University for Graduate School in Exercise Physiology.  Through the years she has been active in International Youth Conditioning Association, National Strength & Conditioning Association, American College Sports Medicine, and has carried various certification in personal training, HFI-ACSM, CSCS-NSCA, Pre/Post Natal Training, Flexibility Training, Reactive Neuromuscular Training, and is currently working on her certifications from IYCA-Youth Fitness Specialist & Resistance Band Training.

    She has worked with various levels of athletes, from professional, collegiate, high school to grade school.  As a fitness expert, she has consulted for area schools, corporate & sports performance companies.  Nicole’s company specializes in Fit Kidz, Fit Momz, & Sport Performance to improve the body and mind forever, through healthy eating and exercise training!

    Training the Modified Athlete for Sport

    Frank Lupiani

    Frank Lupiani

    The modified athlete program shows how to take modified age athletes, who have little or no experience in the weight room, and start them from the ground up on lifting. It covers the most basic movements and lifts they will need to build off of in order to be proficient at the more technical lifts and movements to come throughout their physical and athletic development process.

    Frank Lupiani is Head S & C coach at a co-ed, 1000 student, parochial high school in Upstate New York, I am responsible for program design, team scheduling and training. Hi motto is “Building Foundations to Athletic Success”

    Flexibility as Your Form of Insurance

    Elwin Yong

    Elwin Yong

    This program introduces flexibility exercises, covering the distance between static and dyname exercises, how and when to use them, and gives examples of stretches that target multiple areas in the body.

    Coach Elwin Yong has been actively coaching youths in Track and Field for the past 7 years. Currently, he still competes because he believes by trying out new programs and exercises; he can be a even better coach. Coach Elwin is certified IAAF Level 1 and IYCA Youth Nutrition Specialist.

    Over the years, he had the honour of coaching athletes that broke records and are part of the national youth team. He takes great pride and joy in seeing athletes achieve success and becoming a better person, on and off the track. He will definitely be coaching for many years to come. Elwin lives on the sunny island, Singapore.

    Summer Training for Athletes

    Zach Williams

    Zach Williams

    Summer Training for Athletes is about training a group of athletes from several different sports all at one time. It includes a five-week program, and a description of how the program changes the closer the athletes get to their school year.

    Zach Williams has been training for a total of 12 years, 7 years professionally.  He began training 5th, 4th, and 3rd grade basketball players when he was in 8th grade.  In 9th grade he began training professional basketball players with his father. Those experiences led to running his own local basketball camps, private lessons and needless to say countless hours in the gym.

    Zach played basketball at three different colleges throughout his career.  During the summers he would pour concrete in the morning, train athletes in the afternoon and workout in the evening.

    Zach and his wife own and operate an e-commerce business called Williams Fitness Vault, where they provide up to date health and fitness education, program design and nutrition design. Zach also trains athletes out of a garage on a daily basis in the summer.

    He is a certified Sports Nutritionist through Precision Nutrition, has 3 IYCA certifications: 1) HSSC, 2) Olympic Lifting, 3) Speed and Agility, and has the NASM CPT Certification and the USAW Olympic Lifting Certification.

    Kidventure Fitness

    Christine Neff

    Christine Neff

    The program is a series of 30 minute group fitness classes based on a story or fantasy scenario, such as pirates sailing the high seas, knights on a quest, or joining the big top circus, to name a few. What Christine Neff of Elevate Conditioning is doing with her kids’ class is creating situations to move multi-directionally and in multiple planes–running, jumping, climbing, skipping, crawling, etc. Using stories and games that involve a variety of movement patterns and ball skills, she is guiding the kids through a low or no-pressure situation for improvement.  With the added story, it’s engaging and fun!

    Christine is a high-energy leader who combines expertise in the science of fitness with exceptional instruction and presentation skills. Her passion for health and wellness has led to a full career of teaching, team building, personal training, and creative programming.

    • Certified by the IYCA-Youth Fitness Specialist 2010
    • ACSM HFI 1995, ACSM test examiner 1997
    • IDEA Conference lecturer 1996
    • Contributor of New Trainer Module materials for ACE 1996
    • B.S. Health Education Miami University, 1991

    Armed for Speed

    Nelson Espinoza

    Nelson Espinoza

    "Learning how to use the arms effectively can help athletes generate and develop more explosive acceleration speed. Acceleration is one of the most critical components of speed development for court or field sports, because it includes that crucial first step to make a defensive play, or to blow by an opponent. This program includes drills which can be progressed and practiced with the goal of developing the proper arm skills and arm motion in order to generate a more explosive first step and acceleration speed."

    Nelson Espinoza (Coach Espi) is a teacher and coach at heart. He has taught Physical Education for 15 years, and has a wealth of experience teaching and coaching kids, youth, and teens, in small and large group settings. His passion is to inspire kids to acquire a lifetime love for movement and fitness, and to help young athletes reach their full athletic potential by improving performance through proven athlete development training principles. Coach Espi is the founder, owner, Athlete Development Director and Head Coach of Dynamite Sports Speed Academy (DSSA). He founded DSSA with the following mission in mind: To develop fit, fast, injury resistant, mobile, agile, explosive athletes with teamwork and leadership skills.

    Coach Espi earned his B.S. in Kinesiology and Physical Education teacher credential from California Baptist University, and his M.S. in Sports Performance & Injury Prevention from California University of Pennsylvania. He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.), by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), a Performance Enhancement Specialist, by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He is also a certified Youth Fitness Specialist, H.S. Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Youth Speed & Agility Specialist by the International Youth & Conditioning Association (IYCA).

    At home, Coach Espi is known as Papi. He is a husband and proud Dad of three young children. His wife, two sons, and daughter are all part of the Dynamite Sports Speed Academy team. They all enjoy fitness, being active and sports.

    Freshman Introductory Training Program

    Jake Moore

    Jake Moore

    This training program is designed for the freshman or novice athlete to strength training and conditioning.  It is the first training program all my freshman or beginning level athletes go through.  Fundamental movement patterns are learned and enhanced during this phase to lay the groundwork for more intense training to follow.  The program is designed to be performed in a fitness center or high school weight room.  Foot quickness, dynamic flexibility, plyometrics, strength and post stretching are all included.

    Jake is a Physical Therapist at McFarland Physical Therapy in Ames, IA.  He previously was a PT and Co-Director of Performance Sport and Speed in Coralville, IA where he directed programs for 13 Iowa high schools and in-house programming.  Prior to working as a PT, he worked as a High School and Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach.  Work experience includes; The University of Iowa, Florida State University and Dartmouth College.  High school experience included directing programs at Iowa City Regina and Iowa City, City High.  Jake has trained athletes in the NFL, MLS, NHL, Olympic gold medalists, NCAA All-Americans, and high school state champions.  Most importantly he has helped thousands of kids move better, feel better and perform better

    Combine Prep Training

    Lonnie Marts

    Lonnie Marts

    Upon graduating from Tulane University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a minor in Business, Lonnie Marts broke into the NFL as an undrafted rookie the spring of 1990. He enjoyed a career that lasted a little over a decade in which he held the position of linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. With many successes, achievements, and accolades he retired in 2002. As a father of five children, Lonnie’s passion for sports and youth continued to fuel his desire to impact the next generation of athletes. In 2003, he founded Godspeed Sports Performance, a company geared toward enhancing and equipping athletes’ skills and character. His aim is to not only train players for “field” success but also for life successes as well. Lonnie has traveled the NIKe Football Camps and Combines circuit as the Head Defensive Line coach. He is also a certified Nike Sparq trainer.  Lonnie currently is the Head football coach at Harvest Community School; a position he has held for the past 3 years.  Residing in Jacksonville, Florida, with his wife, and their children, Lonnie is the CEO of a thriving company, a head football coach, a member of the City of Jacksonville’s Sports and Entertainment Board and continues to be an active member of the Jacksonville Jaguar Alumni Group.

    Strength and Conditioning for Basketball

    Richard Bell

    Richard Bell, BS, CSCS, IYCA Certified High School Strength and Conditioning Coach

    Richard is currently working as a High School Strength Coach in the Evergreen and Lakewood Colorado area. Richard is a highly sought after coach for athletes ages 13 and older from Junior High School to the College ranks. He also works with individuals — whether executives or stay-at-home moms — who want enhanced health and stamina, and to improve their physical appearance.

    Bell’s focus over the past 16 years has been to incorporate new techniques that ensure fast results, increased stamina and better performance — methods determined entirely by each athlete’s personalized assessment.

    Bell is a native of Boston, Massachusetts where he was a four-year starter on his high school basketball team and where he won two state championships. Rich attended the University of Maine at Farmington, where he also played Basketball and majored in Community Health Education with a concentration in Sports Conditioning. After graduating, Bell moved to the Evergreen, CO area with the vision of becoming one of the best in the strength and conditioning field.

    From 2006-2009, Rich ran and operated Rich Barbell Fitness and Sports Conditioning, a performance enhancement facility located in Golden, Colorado. Rich is determined to improve the way athletes approach their strength and conditioning goals. He believes strongly in applying scientifically-proven techniques to enhance human performance on the playing field.

    A large percentage of the last 10 years of Rich’s life has been consumed by an overwhelming drive to better understand the true nature of improving human performance. In his early years as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Rich worked as the Head Basketball Coach for Platte Canyon High in Bailey, Colorado. There he oversaw all his athletes’ off-season weight training sessions, and this experience led him to pursue his passion for improved sports performance on a full-time basis.

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    Corrective Speed Training for Youth

    Ambrose Coleman

    Ambrose Coleman

    Corrective Speed Training for Youth covers programming for youth who do not know how to run due to a lack of mobility or postural distortion imbalances. These kids need special attention and corrective efforts before they can benefit from dynamic type training. How to assess and create programs so these youth can learn how to use efficient running mechanics and decrease risk of injury.

    Ambrose Coleman is a highly-respected expert in the field of sports performance and injury rehab. Before opening Modern Fitness, Ambrose worked alongside some of Dallas/Fort Worth’s top physicians, chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons to rehab all types of medical conditions, helping injured workers and auto accident victims find complete relief from pain. He is recognized by his peers as being the speed & core guru because of his in-depth knowledge and ability to properly evaluate and teach complex athletic skills.

    After spending 12 years working in a traditional medical setting, he noticed the increased interest in recreational athletes (runners, cyclists, tennis, multisport, golfers, etc.), and a common set of injuries bothering these types of athletes. Unable to respond in a traditional medical setting he opened Modern Fitness. Now, not bound by insurance companies, limited thinking medical directors, or high volume patient loads, Ambrose and his team of Kinesiologists are consistently meeting the performance needs of today’s athletes. Since then, he has worked with all types of athletes (youth, recreational, colligate, Olympians, & professionals), locally, nationally and internationally. He has earned the respect of them all because of his creativity, passion and commitment to understanding sports movements. His dedication to excellence has earned him the title of muscle-guru.

    Self Massage and the Young Athlete

    Ken Grall

    Ken Grall

    Teaching athletes self-massage for recovery, regeneration and mobility.

    Ken Grall has worked in the fitness industry for the past 17 years, experiencing all areas of fitness from commercial health clubs to corporate fitness to working with athletes of all ages and skill levels. He is the proud owner of Athletic Revolution Sun Prairie in Wisconsin.

    Youth and Adolescent Injury Prevention Program

    Jon Herting

    Jon Herting

    This program will encompass all athletes and outline specific exercises and the preventative fitness measures that youth and adolescents should be taking to ensure that they train safely and effectively with the goal of injury prevention in mind. This program will encompass the training methods that I use daily in my 90% youth sports and orthopedic physical therapy practice and sports performance training facility to help these athletes both safely rehab from injury and return to play often at higher levels of performance than they came into my facility with. The program will focus on creating good kinesthetic awareness and neuromuscular control while reinforcing the development of coordination. It will focus on promoting good posture while creating a strong and stable hip and lower body. The program will help the athlete to develop a stable core, promoting stability before strength. Hip and thoracic spine mobility will also be a focus of the program.This program will be able to provide the novice to competitive athlete with a comprehensive program that should help keep them injury free while increasing their performance at the same time.

    Jon Herting is a staff physical therapist at The Training Room in Cherry Hill, NJ. The Training Room is a sports and orthopedic based practice that works daily with athletes of all ages and skill levels, intramural to pro. The practices goal is to help all athletes both prevent and recover from injury while increasing their on-field performance.

    Jon has extensive experience helping individuals of all fitness levels achieve all types of goals. His training experience includes a variety of clients and sports teams ranging from age 9 to 75. He has trained an assortment of clients ranging from Division 1 athletes to housewives and has served as strength and conditioning consultant to local colleges and fortune 500 companies.

    HAKA High Performance

    Doug CorbettJoe Adams

    Doug Corbett and Everett (Joe) Adams

    The HAKA High Performance Program is designed to provide young athletes with the most productive, effective and efficient means of functional physical training possible. It is geared toward preventing injury, promoting total conditioning and helping young athletes maximize their physical potential and enhance their sport-specific skills.

    Doug has been involved with athletics all of his life. He has played soccer and has wrestled at the post secondary level and he knows what it takes to get there. While teaching Phys. Ed. at St. Thomas More Collegiate in Burnaby, BC, Doug has coached Wrestling and Soccer. Doug has also coached elite soccer in the community for the past 4 years. Like his good friend Joe, Doug is a dedicated family man who adores his wife and his three girls. Doug’s passion for alternative training methods and for helping athletes step outside their comfort zones, led him to team with Joe to create the HAKA High Performance total conditioning program. Motto: Champions do more than what’s expected of them.

    Joe is a bit of a Renaissance Man. Joe is an Visual Arts teacher who also coaches Football and Wrestling at St. Thomas More Collegiate in Burnaby, BC. Joe has been a personal trainer for 13 years. Joe is a family man who adores his wife and his two children. His passion for functional fitness inspired him to create the HAKA High Performance total conditioning program with his good friend Doug.

    Motto: Matthew 19:26 “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

    S.P.A (Speed, Power, Agility)

    Amond Prater

    Amond Prater

    SPA is an acronym for our speed, power, agility program at ATT Evolution. With this program we developed a template to make sure we address each skill with variety during each workout. The program caters to every level of athlete and any age. The program has seen success in building not only skills but also great confidence and endurance with our athletes.

    • IYCA Certified HSSCC
    • ATT Evolution Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • ATT Evolution Head Wrestling Instructor
    • USA Bronze Level Certified Wrestling Coach.
    • Assistant Wrestling Coach Fox High School 2006-2010 Arnold, Mo
    • Assistant Girls Volleyball Coach Fox High School Arnold, Mo
    • 2012 ADFPF 82.5 kg Single Event Deadlift and Bench Press National Champion
    • 2010 ADFPF 90 kg Powerlifting National Champion
    • Wrestling Starter and Letter winner for University of Missouri-Columbia
    • 2005 University of Missouri-Columbia Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year
    • 2002 Georgia High School Class 5A Wrestling State Champion
    • Bachelor Degree obtained from the University of Missouri-Columbia in General Studies
    • Master of Arts in Teaching obtained from Missouri Baptist University
    • Married to Krystal Prater with one daughter Aryn Prater.

    Youth Injury Prevention

    Clyde Mealy

    Clyde Mealy

    Through the use of SMR/Foam Roll, static, and dynamic stretching, bodyweight movements that focus on balance, unilateral patterns, and core training, and active recovery , the Youth Injury Prevention program is designed to keep athletes healthy.

    Clyde Mealy- fitness professional with several years of experience working with youth with Autism and Down syndrome as a volunteer coach, trained Division I athletes at Duke University, Women’s Lacrosse, University of Delaware, Men’s Golf and Georgia Southern University, Softball. Moreover, Clyde continues to motivate youth of all ages to eat healthy, exercise daily, to be better students, and promote volunteerism.

    Currently, Clyde is a Health Psychology PhD candidate at Walden University, and earned his M.S. degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Rehabilitation Sciences from California University of Pennsylvania (CALU).  In addition, I work with several young adults to prepare them for basic training for the armed forces including the USMC. Clyde has earned the following credentials from ACSM-EIM Level 1, IYCA-HSSC, ISSA-FT, NASM-CPT, CES, FNS, PES, TRX-STC, and a permanent registration with the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic- Sports Awareness for Educating Today’s Youth developed by the Youth Sports Research Council, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

    Clyde lives in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu with his wife, Alicia Malia and their daughter Malia Kai. Clyde can be reached at

    Speed and Strength Training for Female Athletes

    Adrianne Ortiz

    Adrianne Ortiz

    This program would utilize Speed Agility and Quickness movement patterns to properly condition the anaerobic energy systems.

    The program is a 3 tier model with progressions.  Each tier has 3 different warm-ups and uniquely crafted activation exercises sequences.

    The Athlete will effectively condition their cardiovascular system while performing

    1. Linear and Lateral Speed
    2. Change of Direction
    3. Acceleration and Deceleration
    4. Plyometric
    5. Foundational Bodyweight Muscular Exercises
    6. Chaos /Reactive Drills

    Adrianne Ortiz is the Director of Sports Performance Training at fasttwitchtraininginc where she has designed and implemented her own athletic  performance system.  She has 10 years  training  high school and collegiate athletes. She has developed youth performance programs for Town Sports International and YMCA.  She is an Underarmor Combine 360 Coach and holds IYCA High school Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Youth Fitness Specialist 1 cert.

    Strength Above All Else

    Shane Church

    Shane Church

    The program breaks down into an 8 week program, with two built in deload weeks. This is made as an off season training program. All of exercises are great to continue to use during the season, but at a lower intensity (lower percent of your 1RM).

    Absolute strength has a massive effect on all sports. It doesn’t matter if you need to jump, sprint, run long distance, hit or throw, the stronger you are the easier everything is! Don’t get me wrong, technique plays a HUGE role in all of those things too. But, if two athletes are equal in the technique of a skill, the stronger athlete will win!! EVERY TIME!!!

    Shane began his strength career in 2006 (23 years old) when a doctor told him he had to lose weight or that he would die before he was 30.

    Under the tutelage of one a great Canadian Strongman, Paul Vailllancourt, he lost almost 50 lbs and developed a love for the strength sports!

    Shane played a bunch of different competitive sports growing up; rugby, hockey, basketball, wrestling, track and field among other. One of the greatest things he loved about all the sports was the teaching aspect of the games. After travelling the world to compete and learn from the best, he moved into the training field!

    Total Body Strength and Power for Athletes

    Eric Wise

    Eric Wise

    This program is a total body program that brings core stability, lower body and upper body strength, and power together.  It will provide athletes with a foundation to be able to produce more power and force in their sport, as well as have the strength and speed to compete at a higher level.  The program consists of olympic lifts, single leg training and multi joint strength exercises designed to improve imbalances, and promote overall strength and power.

    Owner and President Eric Wise, is a Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer by the American Fitness Professionals and Associates, Nike SPARQ Certified Trainer,and Certified IYCA High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

    He has trained athletes at the world renowned Mike Boyle’s Strength and Conditioning Center in Massachusetts. He has developed systems that provide insight to all type of speed, agility and strength enhancements. These systems are used to train beginner athletes to professional athletes and are effective at nearly every age.

    Eric is a former Arena Football League star playing for New Haven, Tallahassee, and New England for 3 years. He finished his college football playing career as the 18th ranked receiver in receptions in Division 1-AA history. He was selected as an All-American and 2 Time All Conference wide receiver during his career at Fairfield University.

    Training Program for Cross Country Runners

    Greg Moore

    Gregory Moore

    This program may vary from a number of other sports. When analyzing the metabolic demands of distance running, there is very little resemblance to team sports. Even basketball and soccer require quick bursts of power, frequent change in direction, and contact. That said, and although locomotion occurs principally in the sagittal plane, frontal and transverse plane stability cannot be disregarded.   The answer is not bulk, just good biomechanics, resulting in resilient muscle-tendon units and happy runners.

    Less than two years out of high school, Greg attained his national certified personal trainer (CPT) certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). He became the youngest member of the Lifetime Fitness staff in Novi, MI and also worked at the Canton, MI facility where he took a lead in developing other young trainers.  With the knowledge gained from working with over 30 trainers and having gained a broadened perspective, Greg entered the Athletic Training program at Eastern Michigan University. After one year he transferred to the school of education and graduated with honors in Health Promotion and Human Performance, with a Bachelors of Science degree in Physical Education with a minor in Health Education. Greg reflects, "I found a genuine passion for teaching at EMU." During the following years Greg continued to develop his philosophy on health. He dedicated himself to learning about nutrition, functional training, and distance running. He began rock climbing and racing triathlons. Fervent about non-traditional sports, he is open-minded and unbiased towards all athletic pursuits. For him it’s about bringing the best scientific evidence and logic to the table, bolstering hard work to yield the greatest dividends.

    In 2007, Greg entered the Oakland University, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. In 2008, he attained the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) certification and continued to attain his doctorate in 2010 winning awards for his research regarding distance running injuries from Oakland University and the Michigan Physical Therapy Association (MPTA). As a Physical Therapist at Healthstyles Services, he has the honor of heading the South Lyon Community School’s strength and conditioning program. He attained his High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist (HSSCS) certification in 2011 from the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) and to date, he has designed programs for soccer, softball, wrestling, lacrosse, basketball and cross-country. His vision for the program is to have every athlete participate in year-round strength and conditioning, saying a program that is “consistent and teaches fundamental movement patterns has too many benefits to count.” Most recently, Greg has opened Moore Performance Health LLC, a personal and group performance training company operating out of Healthstyles.

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    STUSA- Soccer Specific SAQ Program

    Chochi Valenzuela

    Chochi Valenzuela

    At Speed Trainers USA (STUSA) we provide Soccer Specific SAQ Training and Programs for Coaches, Clubs, Organizations nationally and our local community in Seattle.  The curriculum includes three levels of training with each level focusing on a specific outcomes – but, even though we have a very structured program, our main focus is on the enjoyment of each session for the athlete.  We use several teaching and training concepts taught to soccer coaches in the US Youth Soccer’s National Youth License courses to keep the sessions enjoyable and challenging as well as standard principles of coaching, curriculum design and injury prevention.

    • Owner / Director of Speed Trainers USA and
    • 10 years of professional soccer
    • Three Time All American
    • USC-Upstate Athletic Hall of Fame Member
    • Coaching Soccer for 30+ years
    • National B License, National Youth License
    • IYCA Youth Speed Certification
    • ICA – Soccer Conditioning Certification
    • Author – “15 Minute Soccer Speed – How to build faster soccer players in just 15 minutes!”

    1-3 Year Old Training

    Ari Suiskind

    Ari Suiskind

    This program will give people some ideas for activities that can be successfully used with a child younger than age 1. It will then include some activities that can be added in over the following 2+ years

    Ari L Suiskind is a Youth Fitness Professional, Basketball Trainer, and Personal Trainer. He is certified by the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) as a Youth Conditioning Specialist (YCS) / Youth Fitness Specialist level 2, Youth Fitness Specialist level 1, Youth Fitness Specialist level 3, Youth Nutrition Specialist, Certified Kettlebell Instructor, IYCA Youth Speed & Agility Specialist (both versions), and IYCA Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

    The FAME Program (Fun, Awareness, Movement, Effort)

    Richard Harris

    Richard Harris

    This is a 5 part total body training program used for ages 10-13. Each component has its own unique purpose, but work together to help develop the complete athlete. The 5 parts are

    1. Movement Prep to transition into the session and get the body ready for movement.
    2. Active Movement to elevate the body’s core temperature, develop linear movement skills, and coordination.
    3. Core Stability and Movement
    4. 4 Corner Obstacle Course
    5. Closing Activity to finish on a high note, cool down, and review the skills of the day.

    Richard Harris has always been passionate about sport, fitness, and community. Over the past 10 years Richard has worked with people of all ages to get more out of life by encouraging personal development through sport and fitness. During his career, Coach Harris has developed a reputation as a quality athlete, outstanding coach, and innovative trainer. He has helped people increase their athletic and academic performance, physical fitness and overall well-being.

    Richard is the Founder and Director of Programming of Get Ready Athletics, LLC, specializing in providing young athletes and their parents training opportunities and resources to elevate  sport and fitness performance. No matter where an athlete starts, Richard develops innovative plans that helps the athlete be their best, do their best, and get more out of life both in and away from sport.

    Richard is grateful for the lessons he has learned and continues to learn through sport and fitness. The opportunity to share these lessons with others brings him excitement. His life motto is “If I can help someone as I travel along, then my living is not in vain.”

    Training and Cueing the Deep Squat for the Youth Athlete

    Matthew Busacca

    Matthew Busacca

    We are all born with the ability to deep squat. Watch any toddler for a period of time and you will notice that they are able to not only get into the position, but also remain there. As we get older different factors make us inflexible and unable to squat that low. Whether it is an inactive lifestyle, orthopedic injury, or simply a growth spurt, it is a skill that needs to be worked at and maintained. This ability becomes even more important as we begin to move and take part in sports. This program shows how to train and cue the deep squat.

    Matthew received his Bachelors in Exercise Science from William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. At William Paterson, he was a 4-year starter and co-captain of the football team. After graduating from college, he worked at a performance center and a cardiac rehab as an Exercise Physiologist. While working at the performance center, he was given the opportunity to serve as a Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Nutley High School. Currently, he is working at an outpatient cardiac rehab as an Exercise Physiologist and as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in a private facility. He enjoys working with a wide array of individuals and practicing different techniques and programming on a day-to-day basis. He feels that, as a whole, the knowledge he has gained spending time in different settings has made him a stronger and more confident exercise professional.

    Developing a Solid Strength Foundation for Gymnastics

    Kristy Lee Wilson

    Kristy Lee Wilson

    Having a solid foundation of overall strength is critical for gymnasts. This program will show how to create a fundamentally solid strength base that can be built upon through a gymnast’s career. This program will include crucial strength exercises and drills in order to build this solid foundation. Exercises and drills will focus on the lower body, upper body, and core and will help improve the strength, quickness and movement efficiency of all gymnasts – regardless of their level.

    Kristy Lee Wilson is considered one of the premier experts on strength and conditioning for gymnasts. Kristy became an elite gymnast at the age of eight and for the past decade was wowing crowds nightly performing with the world renowned Cirque du Soleil as a powertrack/trampoline artist in the Orlando based production, “La Nouba.”

    Originally from Australia, Kristy made her mark in fitness at an extremely young age. At just eight years Kristy became the youngest athlete to ever be offered a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Sport. Kristy was one of Australia’s top junior gymnasts, three-time Australian Power Tumbling Champion and Cirque du Soleil performer.

    Kristy is an international speaker and presenter. She specializes in Sports Performance Enhancement, particularly in the acrobatic sports: gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. She also has a tremendous passion for youth fitness.

    In 2011, Kristy won the Fitness America Universe Tour in Florida and was named Ms. Fitness Florida 2011. Kristy is a Best Selling Author and won an Editor’s Choice Award for her contribution to ‘The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance.’ She is a Sharecare Fitness Expert, and an advisor for both the Excellence Through Exercise Foundation and the International Tennis Performance Association.

    Kristy has been featured and published in publications such as Oxygen Magazine, Natural Muscle Magazine, USANA magazine, World Physique Magazine, and is seen as a featured fitness expert on numerous health and fitness websites.

    6 Week Soccer Program for 14+

    Dave Gleason

    Dave Gleason

    Athletic development programs for any age or sport must incorporate particular elements of movement skill. Young athletes are constantly under a state of change. As they grow and develop their bodies physically change, their brains process information differently and they experience psychological changes as well. For young athletes 14 years of age and older these components include but are not limited to: soft tissue quality, active range of motion and muscle activation, general preparation, movement skill acquisition, and execution of strength or movement skills.

    Young soccer players typically display tightness in the hip flexors due to the repetitive nature of dribbling, passing, receiving and shooting.  Growth spurts, peak height velocity and poor posture will all contribute to movement patterns that are problematic from a performance standpoint.

    This program was designed with these factors in mind as a short-term (6 week) introduction to a long-term athletic development model of 3, 6 or 12 months.

    Dave Gleason has been coaching young athletes for over 2 decades, dating back to 1989 as a soccer coach to hundreds aspiring soccer players.  In the mid to late 90′s Dave was strength coach for some of the most successful young tennis players in New England – many of them reaching top ten rankings regionally and nationally.  Dave has served as a strength and conditioning coach for private swim club teams and has worked individually with hundreds of children 6-18 years old with a wide ranging ability level.

    Having managed and owned several successful businesses in Eastern Massachusetts, Dave rededicated his career to that of his passion – young athletes and non-athletes a like ages 6-18.  Athletic Revolution was opened by Dave and his wife Andrea in the fall of 2009 and has already become the most sought after program South of Boston for youth fitness and athletic development.

    Dave has been played a pivotal role in the development of the assessment and programming systems for Athletic Revolution International as well as new franchisee training and support. Athletic Revolution and it’s programming is now recognized in over 19 countries around the globe.

    Dave is the co-creator of the popular IYCA Youth Speed Development product. Dave’s book contributions include the IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist Level 1 text – Essentials of Youth Conditioning and Fitness (Second Edition) and How Much Does A Zebra Weigh by Kyle Brown.

    Template for 9-12 Year Olds

    Bruce Kelly

    Bruce Kelly

    Bruce created a sample template for how he works with and structures programs for the 9-12 year old age group. He doesn’t call it training; it is movement development, and he emphasizes learning and having fun.

    Mr. Kelly has nearly 30 years coaching/training experience working with spectrum of clients from desk jockeys to a number of collegiate athletes in a variety of sports. Coach Kelly has worked in a variety of training settings from “Big Box” mega gyms to smaller facilities.

    For the last 6 years he has owned/operated his own training facility in Media, Pa. (outside of Philadelphia), Kelly High Performance Training/Fitness Together Media. At KHPT,  Coach Kelly and his staff of 6 implement their “functional” training system using movement based training to help people feel better, look better and perform better.

    Coach Kelly has a MS in Exercise Science (Concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention) and a large number of nationally recognized certifications including:

    • NASM-PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)
    • FMS Level 1 & 2 Certified
    • TPI Level 1 Certified
    • USATF Level 2 Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps
    • Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified
    • KB Athletics Level 1
    • Maxwell S&C Kettlebell Level 1

    Off Season Wrestling Strength and Conditioning for High School

    Shawn Fears

    Shawn Fears

    The programs covers all the needs of the off season high school wrestler to prepare him/her for competition

    The program includes:

    • Dynamic warm ups/mobility/Tumbling/rolling
    • Agility
    • Explosiveness/Power
    • Strength
    • Endurance
    • Energy System Training specific to wrestling

    Shawn Fears is a certified personal trainer specializing in Olympic weightlifting and sports performance training in North Pole, Alaska.  He also works for the University of Alaska as an adjunct faculty member teaching Multifitness, Weight Training, and Advanced Weight Training. Shawn  holds certifications by the International Sports Science Association (Certified Fitness Trainer), National Academy of Sports Medicine (Certified Personal Trainer), USA Weightlifting (Certified Sports Performance Coach), MMA Conditioning Association (Certified MMA Conditioning Coach), Crossfit (Certified Crossfit Powerlifting Trainer), International Youth Conditioning Association (Certified High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Youth Speed and Agility Specialist, and Olympic Lift Instructor), and is currently working toward finishing a degree in Sports Management, Health and Wellness track, through the California University of Pennsylvania. When he is not working out, studying, or training, he enjoys spending time with his family taking turns pushing his one year old daughter around the house in a laundry basket.

    In-Season Volleyball Training

    Wendy Breault

    Wendy Breault, BA, IYCA- YFS2, YSAS2, and HSSC

    The program includes a 15 minute ""athlete lead warm-up and injury prevention program""  which can be used in and of itself as a stand-alone program. It allows teams to be warmed- up and ready to go when their team’s court time becomes available.  The program consists of myo-fascial work, muscle activation, appropriate mobility and stability of joints, thoracic, etc.  mobility, stability and strengthening of hips corrective excercises for the common valgus in knees that is so common with Volleyball.  Ankle mobility and stability/strengthening and movement prep.

    The second component of the program is the strength and conditioning program that is based on IYCA concepts and much of the popular equipment and programming such as bands and kettlebells.

    Wendy has over 20 years of experience coaching youth sports.  Wendy was the founder of the Junior Olympic Volleyball Club- Minnesota Vantage Volleyball where she was both the owner/director and the strength and conditioning coach. Wendy has retired from volleyball club ownership in order to have more time for her true passion- sports performance training. Wendy now owns, operates and trains youth athletes at Vantage Youth Sports Performance in Anoka, Minnesota.  Wendy still trains youth volleyball players and is the strength and conditioning coach for the Anoka-Ramsey College Volleyball Team.

    Wendy is a contributing author to the bestselling book, The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance and is considered a leading expert in the field of youth training.

    Baseball Offseason Training

    Richard Crosby

    Richard Crosby

    This is a complete off season high school baseball strength & conditioning program. It includes active warm-up modules, mobility modules, and shoulder prevention protocols, upper & lower extremity strength training, and a med ball throwing program

    Rich holds a degree in Physical Education from Towson State University and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association).  He has 23 years of teaching and coaching experience in the fields of health related fitness and strength and conditioning working with both youth and adult populations and competitive athletes at every level.

    Before arriving in Naples, Florida in 1997, Mr. Crosby operated as Head Trainer for Fitness First, one of Baltimore’s most recognized personal training services. Rich conducted professional education for numerous fitness organizations, led training workshops for area fitness centers and helped develop golf fitness seminars for area country clubs.

    As owner and Head Trainer of Foreflex Performance, a training and consulting business, Crosby has traveled throughout the country working with numerous high school and collegiate teams and coaching staffs in the areas of athletic performance and injury prevention. Rich coordinated an athletic development program with the tennis staff at Cambier Park that was recognized as the finest grass roots tennis program in the United States by the United States Tennis Association in 1998. In 2000, he was selected to be the Strength and Conditioning Specialist for the U.S. National Squash team.

    Also serving as the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the On the Rise Tennis Academy in Naples, Rich designed and operated the Academy’s Athlete’s on the Rise Program. In 2003, he was asked to present and speak at both the Florida Tennis Summit as well as the United States Figure Skating Associations Junior Olympic Training Workshop.

    Rich became the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Community School of Naples in 2006.He taught Personal Fitness and Health in the Upper School’s Physical Education program for 3 years. He currently serves as the strength and conditioning coordinator for the baseball and football program as well as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

    Rich enters his fourth year at Grey Oaks Country Club serving the membership at the Estuary Fitness Center as Lead Fitness Trainer.

    Rich and his wife Jessica have three children, Ryan (8), Decker (7) and Gracyn (4).

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    General Youth Sports Conditioning Program

    Michael Sotos

    Michael Sotos

    Michael has created a general youth conditioning program that includes foam rolling, dynamic warm-up, agility and footwork skills, power training, strength training, and core strength.

    Michael Sotos has 8 years experience in the fitness industry and is the owner of Rogue Valley Fitness Training which is based out of Ashland, Oregon. He is the strength coach for the Southern Oregon University Raider’s Volleyball team and has also worked with both the softball and soccer teams.  Many local high school athletes have trained under his guidance, including two baseball players that were selected in the MLB draft.  Michael looks to improve technique, build strength, and increase power in his youth athletes. He holds the following certifications:

    • IYCA High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist
    • ACE Certified Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist
    • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance
    • USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach
    • USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach

    Performance Enhancement Training

    Leonard Framson

    Leonard Framson

    Leonard is  a private practice physical therapist with a Master of Fitness Science as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Instructor, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer and Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach in Long Island, New York.  In addition to being a private practice physical therapist, he also provides pediatric physical therapy homecare services and personal training services at home, facilities and athletic fields. 

    Lenny has 29 years of experience providing physical therapy evaluations, rehabilitation and working with athletes from amateur to elite and professional. In March of 2004, he was spotlighted as the ISSA  Pro-trainer of the Month (International Sports Science Association).  He published articles on proper running mechanics and proper hydration to prevent heat related problems and proper procedures to follow.  He has also lectured on five key aspects of physical fitness and continues to educate coaches and parents as well as the youth athlete and individuals on the proper way to exercise.

    Lenny was a physical therapist at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games and physical therapist/sports trainer at the 1993 and 1997 World Maccabiah Games in Israel responsible for the United States Track and Field and United States Wrestling Delegations as well as treated other athletes from around the world.  He had also served as the Medical Staff Chairperson and Medical Staff Coordinator for the 1995 Maccabiah Summer Youth Games held on Long Island.  He also coached and trained the Suffolk Girls Maccabi Soccer Team for many years.

    Lenny provides a performance enhancement training log.

    St. Aloysius Collge S&C

    Paul Luchi

    Paul Luchi

    Introducing our Juniors (13-15) to resistance training. Our 15 yrs+ continue up the graded system of levels.

    We currently use a multi level card system where proficiency with all exercises must be demonstrated before advancement to the next level. There is of course, overlap with some exercises.

    Emphasis is placed on range of movement in a safe (technically correct) way.

    We ask all boys to fill in their cards not for the personal satisfaction of lifting heavier, but to demonstrate attendance and continued application to the often challenging components of some of the exercises they perform, many of them for the first time!

    We are about to introduce a new warm up routine which will lead into the teaching of landing mechanics and low level (intense) jumps etc.

    Time of course is not always our friend, so we usually need to incorporate many facets of physical development into one session.

    Paul played rugby for the University of Sydney before becoming a high school teacher and Strength & Conditioning coach in 1995. He has worked in the French Top 14 with Narbonne Rugby and with both the Randwick and Sydney University rugby programs. Paul is currently one of the Strength & Conditioning coaches at the University of Sydney. He oversees the football (soccer) program and assists with the Sydney Flames Basketball and Australian Rules Football (AFL)  programs. Paul has been a teacher and coach at St Aloysius since 2004.

    Injury Prevention Training for Middle School Athletes


    Jim Herrick

    The best way to understand how to properly help a younger athlete through training, in my opinion, is to think of the process like the start of building an expensive house.  You’d naturally start by building a foundation, something stable upon which you can build all the more glamorous parts above that people will see and admire.  Athletic development for our younger population works the same way, we do the underlying work that may not turn heads, but is what will hold their physical structure together when they are ready to fully develop the more eye-catching skill sets down the road.

    Our training emphasis is on first stabilizing the ankle, hip, and shoulder joint, along with making sure the hips have proper mobility.  And as often as possible, we want to create lines of diagonal stress through their midsection (or core) to help link upper body and lower body power and enhance the foundation of rotational power that is critical to success in so many sports (ice hockey, tennis, baseball, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, and golf  just to name a few).

    By doing this, we can lower a young athlete’s risk for many common injuries – ankle sprains, many types of knee injuries (ACL tears, meniscus tears, etc), shoulder separations, lower back issues, and more.   This approach can also have a more global aspect to preventing injuries, too.  For example, a rigid shoulder joint combined with more mobile hips may lower stress on the elbow of a young Little League pitcher, preventing or lessening a very common youth sports injury.  The list is endless but the point is simple – build a great foundation from Day One and allow for a wonderful structure to be built upon it only after the fundamentals are in place.

    This workout is a sample of how we at Athletic Revolution Leominster help our athletes to build that foundation for future success.

    Jim Herrick is the founder of Power Source Training Center, Inc. and Athletic/Fitness Revolution Leominster, located in Leominster, MA.  An IYCA Certified Level 2 Speed & Agility Specialist and Level 1 Youth Fitness Specialist, he was formerly the Strength & Conditioning Coach at Cushing Academy (Ashburnham, MA) and St. Bernard’s High School (Fitchburg, MA) for a combined 13 years.  Jim has helped train thousands of athletes over his career, including nearly a dozen who have gone on to become either professional or Olympic athletes.

    Developing Lower Body Strength and Stability in Youth

    Kevin Till

    Kevin Till

    This program provides a 5 phase resistance training development program for introducing youths to resistance training. The program focuses on 6 areas which are olympic lifting, bilateral strength, unilateral strength, upper body pushing, upper body pulling and core strength. The program has been successfully implemented with junior rugby players aged 13-16 but could be utilized in most sports/populations. This program primarily focuses on lifting technique, movement ability and strength development.

    Dr Kevin Till is a UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach who has extensive experience of developing youth athletes. Kevin has worked with athletes from the age of 8 up to international level in a range of sports including rugby, football, cricket and tennis.

    Kevin completed his PhD in paediatric physiology, talent identification and talent development at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2011. Kevin is now a Lecturer in Sports Coaching (focussing on paediatric exercise Physiology) at Leeds Metropolitan University and runs his own strength & conditioning and consultancy business called KT Conditioning.

    Xplosive Functional Training Speed System

    CJ Easter

    C.J. Easter

    Speed training system for coaches with no time, no budget, and no fancy equipment

    C.J. is former Stanford football player turned certified high school strength and conditioning specialist.  He is the CEO of the Performance Science Training Institute and creator of the Xplosive Functional Training (XFT) Speed and Strength Systems.  He is one of the most sought after speed and strength coaches in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    ACL Program for Female Soccer

    Susan Wade

    Susan Wade, M.Ed., CSCS

    There have been several studies concerning ACL injuries in female athletes over the last ten years.   However, the injury rate among female athletes continues to rise.   Studies that implemented more than one method resulted in the most significant differences in injury rates among the subjects.  The methods that included more than one protocol such as neuromuscular training, plyometrics, flexibility, strength and jump training showed a decrease in injury rate with the control group.  (Myklebust, Mandelbaum, Gilcrest, Hewitt).  This ACL preventative program is designed specifically for female soccer players, but may be altered to fit any sport.

    Susan is the owner and Director of F.A.S.T. (Foothills Academy of Sports Training) and has a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration.  She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), a Level I Youth Speed & Agility Specialist with the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) and is a Nike SPARQ certified trainer.   

    Susan began her training as a volunteer Assistant Strength coach at Creighton University.  Upon certification, she began training a diverse population at a local community center.  She  moved to Boise and was employed as an adjunct faculty member in the Kinesiology Department at Boise State University for 8 years in addition to running speed training clinics for young athletes.

    Susan trains local youth, high school and college athletes for baseball, softball, cheerleading, football, lacrosse, basketball and soccer.  She has been the strength coach for local high school baseball and lacrosse teams.  Most recently, she has developed a “back to play” and “injury prevention ACL program” with a physical therapist.

    Susan trains with the local Y-Triathalon club, enjoys hot yoga and hiking in the foothills.  She has been married to Morey for 23 years and has 3 children; Taylor 21, Ashley 19, and Colby 17.  All have been active in sports all their lives.


    Kevin Nuppnau

    Kevin Nuppnau

    YouthFit strives to educate today’s youth in the importance of fitness and wellness. The core principles of proper nutrition, movement, and a positive mindset will establish the foundation that is needed to achieve optimum fitness levels and an overall healthy lifestyle. The goal of YouthFit is to provide kids with a program where they can learn, be active, and have fun.

    Formally a Division I cross country and track athlete, Kevin has a Bachelor’s Degree from Valparaiso University in Sports Science and Fitness Management. He also holds certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Youth Conditioning Association as well as a License in Massage Therapy.

    With a background in sports performance, Kevin brings years of experience competing at the highest level with his cross country and track career. This experience has given him the ability to help other aspiring athletes take their game to the next level. He is the creator of IM’s Recovery-Based Energy Training (RET) Program which is the most complete training program for endurance athletes to reach their optimum goals.

    Kevin is the President of YouthFit and specializes in youth conditioning and performance enhancement as well as movement and overall quality of life improvement. Through education and experience, Kevin strives to always stay on the cutting edge of the sciences and systems of fitness.

    Dry-land Hockey Conditioning

    Mike Pickles

    Mike Pickles

    This program is designed for young hockey players ages 12-14. It is a basic introductory program that incorporates proper warm up and movement preparation exercises including flexibility and mobility work.  In addition, it focuses on all the elements that make up a well balanced athletic program such as balance, co-ordination, proper acceleration  and deceleration techniques, basic systemic strength exercises that involves proper posture and core strength. The program is also designed specifically to feel like it has some hockey components to it such as lateral bounding movements and having athletes use their hockey sticks as tools for some mobility exercises and plyometric drills.

    Coach Mike is the owner of MyAthletic Performance, an athletic training facility dedicated to developing young athletes and preparing them for long-term success in sports and life. He is best known for his passion and strong background in hockey, making him the go-to expert in the community for specializing in dry-land training. His facility has also hosted the likes of professional NHL hockey player Colton Gillies of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

    Mike is a co-author to the best-selling book, ‘The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance’. He has work with various athletes in the community and has served as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the White Rock Titans football organization. He is also the private Strength Coach for Professional Canadian Golf Tour player, Ryan Williams.

    Mike gives much credit to the International Youth Conditioning Association for his success in business and athlete development education. His training facility is located in the South Surrey/White Rock area of British Columbia Canada.

    Ultimate Wellness Youth Fit Camp

    Mark Greenwood

    Mark Greenwood, PT, NCTMB, CSCS, YFS

    Mark shares his system for running youth wellness camps.

    Mark is the founder of Ultimate Wellness, LLC and developer of The Ultimate Wellness Lifestyle.  He is recognized as one of the premier wellness consultants in the Philadelphia area.  As a physical therapist, massage therapist, strength and conditioning specialist, and youth fitness specialist, Mark has acquired a unique set of skills that has allowed him to work with a client base and achieve results unmatched by any other in his region.

    As a father of two young girls, Mark recognizes and appreciates the importance of educating our children at a young age to help them learn the basic principles of proper exercise and nutrition.  Mark’s Ultimate Wellness Youth Fit Camp helps kids develop the foundation and habits they need to establish a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.  His youth program goes by the motto: “Get Fit & Have Fun!”

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    Get The IYCA Big Book Of Programs Now

    For Only $99.95

    I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.